SIS Go Hydro Tablets 20x4g

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SIS Sports nutrition - Go Hydro 20 tabs

Go Hydro 20 tabs benefits:

  • Mix one tablet with water

  • High sodium content

  • When hydration is required, but without the sugars

  • Suitable for vegans

During a moderate to intensive exercise you lose up to 2 liters of fluid. By perspiring you lose important building materials that are important for your body. Particularly during the exercise your body can use extra supplement. Sport like a pro with the SiS Go Hydro Tabs. These effervescent tablets with lemon flavor have an addition of a special concentration of sodium (30 mmol / L). These tabs have been specially developed to maximize the performance of the British sailing team during the Olympic Games in 2008. And now the turn is yours! Experience the benefits of constant hydration without ingesting unnecessary calories.

Benefits of the SiS GO Hydro tabs
During every moderate to intense effort, the body produces up to 2 liters of sweat per hour. Important building materials leave our body through our sweat. One of these substances is sodium. If the liquids and electrolytes that we exude are not replenished, the body dries out. Due to the lack of fluid, the body temperature rises, the heart rate increases, and this has no fine effect on your performance. SiS GO Hydro, contributes to fitness and supports the reduction of fatigue thanks to the added Vitamin B6. Vitamin B2 also supports the energy level.

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