Morgan Blue Race oil 400cc

Morgan Blue
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Morgan Blue Race oil 400cc


High-quality professional lubricant for the chain, with the addition of synthetic additives to a reduced frictional resistance, more convenient switch, less wear and a longer service life of the chain. For use in the summer, in dry and wet conditions.


Lubricating a chain, gear unit and rotating parts. Road race oil does not drip from the chain when applied. Suitable for use after cleaning the chain and gear unit with the chain cleaner. Use oil Road Race also for general lubrication applications.

Features and benefits:

Highly resistant to heavy loads
long acting
Good water resistance
Extremely low friction
Penetrates very quickly into the chain
Very good adherence to metal surfaces, so does not drip
Swinging not of the chain at high speeds
does not attract dirt
Constant lubrication properties at high temperatures and frost
Goes against wear and prolongs the life
maintenance CD

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