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Recently you can also contact us for your own sports nutrition plan for any sport you practiced, whether it is a power sports, endurance sports or team sports with us you can go for all your questions.

How do we work?

First time, there is an introductory meeting that take place and based on a number of questions we start the diet analysis. If we take into account your medical and sporting history, your specific goals, weight changes and your current diet. All this in order to obtain a complete picture of your goals and expectations and you have to help as much as possible.

Based on your current diet, your body composition and your daily activities, we will discuss your first job points and put the lines out of your personalized diet plan.

During the 2nd consultation, we look together your personalized nutrition plan and make adjustments where necessary. You also get some custom recipes, variety lists and find solutions to any problems.

Afterwards you launch and you can opt for a weekly / monthly monitoring where you get a varied program each time in response to your training / goals and desires.


Intake: € 35

2nd Consultation = overflow personalized nutrition plan: € 25

Further follow-up weekly: € 25